My songs tell stories,
sometimes very clearly,
sometimes in the subtext.
I'm a quirky person with
some quirky songs, I guess!

I also take much pleasure in
covering other songs, right
now working on the songs
of Peter Gabriel.  He speaks
to my heart.

Better Angels
I have been singing and putting words to music
since I was kid, and started writing songs several
years ago. Stately Traveler was originally a
poem in a collection called "Looking for the
Twenty-First Relationship" that I set to music,
and in this recording and others I sing with
myself a capella. Diamond Mine is my first
departure from that, and my first experience with
mixing tracks (Thanks to Magix software). Other
works from LFTTFCR are in progress right now -
recording and composing is still ongoing, this space!
Stately Traveler
Diamond Mine
Mercy Street -
Peter Gabriel
A Christmas Tale
This is a sad Christmas song. The hardest part is that I wrote it
during Desert Storm, and it is still true. War anytime is bad
news for humans, but at holiday time it is devastating.
From the gabrielized project...
Here Comes The Flood -
Peter Gabriel
Quiet Desperation
You Must -
     You Will
Never to be Mine